About us

We are specializing in the decoration of plants on exhibitions, large events, open door days, parties, openings, etc. both in Belgium and abroad. We are one of the largest plant decorators in Belgium and always have a stock of about 4000m² of plants and flowers.


Decoration of plants not only means large plants – with or without flowerpots – but also various kinds of combinations, the laying out of gardens or the integration of certain elements. We also compose bouquets on demand of the client and integrate them into the stand. On exhibitions we also take care of the maintenance and the replacement of plants and flowers so that they keep looking gorgeous until the end of the exhibition.

We are present on every single exhibition in Belgium and in the Netherlands. But it goes without saying that if it concerns large quantities, we also take care of the decoration in the whole of Europe.We offer those who organize exhibitions our free leaflets and if necessary we make order forms for them.

Pictures of a couple stands maintained by Van de Velde BVBA can be seen in the gallery!